The Barn & House at Woodworth


Barn Wedding Venues in Kankakee, Illinois


Rustic barn wedding venues are super popular for brides and grooms to share their special day.  In Central Illinois there are lots of barn wedding venues to choose from, but when it comes to Chicago, IL or Kankakee, IL there aren't many that are close. If you're looking for an amazing country setting with a beautiful barn setting you're in luck. 

The Kaufmans of Cissna Park, IL have opened a brand new, completely renovated 140+ year old barn, called the Woodworth Barn.  In terms of a rustic barn wedding venue, this place is unmatched. It offers old school wood peg construction, 40' foot long beams and a setting that is unparalleled to most in Central, IL. The best part is that it's only a 30 minute drive from Kankakee, IL and only an hour drive from Chicago. 

Due to the Woodworth's location, that makes it the closest AND the most impressive barn wedding venue for people in Kankakee, IL and the city of Chicago. 

If you're interested in having your wedding near Kankakee, IL in a barn wedding venue, the Woodworth is the place to choose. It has two levels, over 5,700 square feet of useable space and can accommodate 200 guest comfortably. It also has modern amenities and an incredible renovated farmhouse on the property for your wedding party. The whole property is truly impressive and it's an amazing country setting to have an extremely memorable and fun wedding day. 

The Woodworth Barn is the newest premiere barn wedding venue in Central, Illinois and it offers the bride and groom a beautiful day and an impressive venue for friends and family. If you'd like a barn wedding and you live in or around the Kankakee, IL area, the Woodworth is a must see.  Come check it out!