The Barn & House at Woodworth


Barn Wedding Venues, Onarga, IL


Barn wedding venues are something that more and more couples are looking for on their special wedding day. While there are barn wedding venues around central Illinois, there are few that have the fully authentic feel that they once had. Enter the Barn at Woodworth. The Woodworth is a fully renovated and restored 140+ year old barn with a rich farm history. The Barn at Woodworth is one of the newest and most impressive barn wedding venues in Illinois.  


The Barn at Woodworth is one of those wedding venues that is rare and a truly impressive place to have a wedding. It will impress your guests and be an incredible barn wedding venue for both outdoor style and indoor weddings. The Barn is able to be used for both indoor/outdoor settings and offers additional amenities that other barn wedding venues may not offer.  

Barn wedding venues are becoming more and more common but if you want a truly unique and memorable barn wedding you need to check out the Barn at Woodworth. The venue is exquisite and offers an on-site farmhouse for the wedding party. It also has plenty of parking, and additional outdoor space...and did we mention....the Barn is a two-story barn! Over 5,700 square feet of useable space for your wedding or event. The Barn at Woodworth is truly an impressive barn wedding venue to see!